MAI is an open-air museum, hosting immersive exhibitions and art festivals.

Large-scale works are exhibited to great effect with multimedia technologies, going beyond the limits indoor spaces and static media impose. Exclusive, ultra-sensory enjoyment in close contact with the surrounding countryside.

Boundaries between viewers, artists and the environment are shattered, giving visitors a new dimension to their imagination - becoming reality.


Our Art Director and Artist, Vera Uberti, focusses on artistic research in the development of immersive projects using digital technologies, blurring the lines between the art work itself and the viewer.

Born in Brazil in 1964, she divides her life and work between Italy and Brazil. Exhibitions designed by Vera Uberti are created from the desire to touch the soul and trigger strong emotions in spectators. Light, sound and words interact with the landscape, transforming it and inviting visitors to nurture their dreams and imagination. Marvellous. Vera has designed a completely open, flexible artistic language, by playing with light, words and objects to transform the landscape and involve the local landscape.

Experience art’s magic - right here and now - at the immersive art festivals hosted at the MAI Museum


Imperial Extravagance

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In Wonder (is) land

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